MSME Services, Bangalore

An important information for MSME firms. A scheme for aspiring MSMEs to expand and grow

The Government of India has launched an Advanced Digital Platform for MSME Financing to ease the lending process and achieve faster Turnaround Time by the Public Sector Banks to MSMEs sector. The platform has an integrated GST, ITR, Bank Statement Analyzer, Fraud Check and Bureau Check.

The entire procedure involves

  • Registration
  • Submission of accurate data and information
  • Analysing the offers by different banks
  • Selecting the bank and branch
  • Obtaining In-Principle Approval
  • Documentation
  • Submission of the loan proposal to the bank
  • Processing of loan proposal by the chosen bank for sanction and disbursal.

The Scheme

  • Facilities offered: I) Term Loan II) Working Capital
  • Eligibility: Existing MSMEs with minimum one year of GST Filing and IT Returns
  • Quantum of Loan: Rs. 10.00 lakh to Rs. 100 lakh
  • Security: With or Without Collateral (Covered Under CGTMSE)

What we do

We facilitate the entire process by working along with you in

  • Eligibility and Compliance Matters
  • Submission of Accurate Data and Information Online
  • Selection of Public Sector Bank and Branch
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report and CMA Data
  • Complete Documentation
  • Statutory Registrations

The above tasks, when completed with 100% efficiency, would lead to quickest sanction and disbursal.

What next?

To overcome the uncertainty and achieve a faster Turnaround Time, please call Deepak – 9900565409 / Prakash – 9845083870 / Office – 080-23322374 or you may send an email to with your contact information.

We also welcome MSMEs with credit requirements beyond the scope of above scheme.

We would be happy to meet you in person in our office and for directions, search for “MSME Services” on Google Maps.